From: (Joseph M. Loomis) Subject: Measure H

Message for posting:

"I am the chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Preservation of the Pt. Montara Fire Protection District.

We are a citizens group which has examined Measure H, a ballot measure requesting funding for our fire department. Some of us were skeptical at first, thinking this was just another unnecessary tax increase by wasteful government.

However, we have determined that the fire department has lost 35% of the funds it needs to operate and these funds must be replaced or the fire department will close. A vote for Measure H is a vote to determine whether we want to have a fire department in our community.

We really have no choice. If we vote no or don't vote at all, the fire department will close.

If the fire department closes, our fire insurance rates may skyrocket or be cancelled. You should check with your homeowners insurance company. Also, we will have to pay for emergency services to come from outside our community, and that will be costly and inefficient as well.

Our recommendation is for a YES vote on Measure H.

If you have any questions, call me at 728-5277.

-JOSEPH M. LOOMIS, Committee Chairman, Moss Beach

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