David Spiselman

Candidate for Midcoast Community Council - Four Year Term

Age: 48

Occupation: Incumbent by Appointment

Education and Qualifications: I am currently an appointed member of the Midcoast Community Council.

I accumulate and act on local voter opinions. As a result, I supported the Quarry Park, the defeat of the Drag Racing proposal, and the Tunnel solution to Highway One at Devil's Slide. I am active in community outreach, gathering community opinions and voting them at Council meetings. I'm interested in County finances, determining County taxes collected from Midcoast residences and businesses and assessing cost of services delivered to the Midcoast.

I have 27 years experience in financial management and management consulting. I have been a featured speaker at conferences, published and quoted in the press. I taught at New York University's Graduate Business School. I saved or made over twenty-five million dollars per year for the organizations with which I worked. I have been a member of several Boards of Directors including, Multimedia Talent Corporation in Montara, CA, International Cellular (Redwood City, CA), The International Institute for Financial Management Technologies (McLean, VA), and the Manhattan Management Consulting Group (New York, NY). I am currently Vice President, Finance, at Sonnet Financial, Inc. in San Mateo, CA.

/s/ David Spiselman

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