Tunnel study available for review

Half Moon Bay Review, Oct. 23, 1996

The completed study - all 11 volumes and thousands of pages - is available for public review at the Half Moon Bay Public Library. However, the updated Martini Creek Bypass report had not been released as of Tuesday. CalTrans spokesman Jeff Weiss said Monday it was still a "couple days" away from being released.

CalTrans delivered the $2.6 million tunnel study, consisting of 30 separate books, to the library late last week. The study, is available in its entirety for $300. The volumes are available individually for between $6 and $52.

To receive an executive summary of the tunnel study for free, as well as the bypass update, call 1-800-696-5408. Copies of order forms for part or all of the tunnel study are available at the library.

NOTE: To read an 18-page executive summary of the tunnel study, click on CalTrans' Web Site.

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