Three Half Moon Bay City Council candidates statements

Half Moon Bay Review, March 20, 1995

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Carol Cupp

Age: 38

Occupation: Local business owner

Education & Qualifications: San Jose State University, B.S.

Coastside business owner, caring and involved parent, environmentally responsible person, and supporter of community interests.

I have been priviliged to live in Half Moon Bay and be involved in many city issues over the past decade. My participation has expanded from neighborhood public safety problems to complex city ordinances. With two children at Hatch school, I am also directly involved in school improvements.

Having been a marketing consultant and presently owning a small local business I am aware of the needs for the future of our business communtiy.

I have the experience and knowledge as well as the commitment and determination to help unify our city.

Voters have clearly demonstrated thay want leaders who represent all residents. This vacancy is a direct result of that message. Residents now have the opportunity to ensure that their voice will not only be heard but acted upon by the City Council. My goal is to join the council as a team member.

We are creating our tomorrow with today's actions. These actions must be well thought-out, well-planned, and well-executed.

One person can make a difference.

John Maness

Age: 30

Occupation: Investigator

My wife, Charity, and I are raising three young children in Half Moon Bay because a small town environment offers a respite from the pressures and societal hazards prevalent in larger cities. In addition, we value the familiarity and friendliness that comes with knowing our neighbors, merchants, and even city officials on a first name basis.

I am a strong believer in controlled growth, and in controlling the quality of growth as well. Measure A's constraints are firmly established as the clear will of the voters, and I would firmly oppose any attempt to dilute that mandate. Half Moon Bay's historical and natural treasures must be safeguarded as well.

As a former Half Moon Bay police officer I have a particular sensitivity to the need for our City Council to provide our Police Department with the tools and support needed to keep our town-our homes-our children-safe and secure. As a businessman I recognize the importance of City government fostering a supportive role to our local enterprises, not just for the benefit of the enterprises themselves, but for the benefit of our citizens who need local goods and services.

With your vote and your support, we can keep our town peaceful, prosperous, and preserved.

David L. Mier

Age: 55

Occupation: Superintendent of Operations

I am presenting my candidacy for the City Council of Half Moon Bay because I believe in contributing to my community. I have demonstrated this by serving on the City Planning Commission for the past sixteen years and established my ability to reach consensus with diverse points of view. Actively serving in the local Lions Club I have been able to help other non-profit groups within the community, especially youth and seniors. I also serve on the board of the Coastside Adult Day Health Care Center.

I live and work in Half Moon Bay. I own a home and have raised by family here. My children attended local public schools and my family has been active in our local church.

Our community is maturing and changing and we must work together to find solutions in a time when financial resources are dwindling. I have time to serve in this position. My experience in business and community service allows me to understand the many points of view in our community.

Please vote for David L. Mier on June 4, 1996.

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