Questions on Measure K

Half Moon Bay Review, May 1, 1996

Dear editor:

Cabrillo's Advisory Committee on the District Facilities Master Plan letter in support of Measure K stated: "The challenge has been to make essential renovations and improvements to schools, provide additional classrooms, while at the same time being cost conscious and frugal." That's sound education business! As a shareholder in the Cabrillo Unified School District, I like that approach. Would the committee elaborate on the following:

* Is Measure K needed when California voters just approved a state school building bond?

* Shouldn't buildings be repaired and renovated before building new ones?

* Shouldn't the district priority be Half Moon Bay High School rather than Cunha Intermediate School?

* If Cunha is not suitable as an intermediate school, is it suitable for an elementary school?

* Would it be possible to make the district's elementary schools K-6 rather than K-5, thereby reducing Cunha's enrollment by one-third, allowing the school to gain space while the district adds to Half Moon Bay High School to meet the critical needs at that level? How about year-round schools?

* Is there a need for two elementary schools across the street from each other?

* Is there a way for individual property owners to determine approximate cost of K to them?

I want to express my appreciation to the committee for its hard work and dedication. Again thanks to a group of public-spirited citizens.

Dan Foster

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay Review