Argument Against Measure A

County supervisors have done it again--burdened us with election on a measure not tested with a single public hearing!

Moreover, they want their revision of a 16-pages single-spaced document approved without their disclosing in election materials the existing charter or the changes, specifically, by strike-out type for deletions and italic type for additions!

Why have supervisors setup voters to decide blindfolded?

Answer: They did this because they expect we'd vote NO if we see that this is what we voted NO on before as charter amendments!

Supervisors seek to reward their supporters and punish those who are not, at taxpayers' expense, with county jobs. One way is: threaten department heads and civil service commissioners with loss of their jobs if they don't appoint and dismiss to a county supervisor's will. Public interest is in appointment and security based on qualifications and performance. The revision would let supervisors fire department heads and commissioners without cause. Voters previously turned this down. Do it again!

Supervisors put repeal of Charter for Parks to a vote as a charter amendment. Voters rejected the idea. Supervisors now ask voters for charter revision without Charter for Parks, Section 607. What you don't see in revision you won't know you were robbed of?!

Section 801 requires charter amendment or revision supported by public hearings by the charter review committee. Instead it has operated for 10 months from a backroom of the county manager's office unadvertised and without notice of meetings on the county manager's door to the building concourse, with nary a public hearing.

Don't bite the bait of a fraud!
Defang corruption!
Speak your sovereignty on agents of government!
Vote NO on Measure A!

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/s/ Nancy Jewell Cross August 21, 1995
A People's Advocate

/s/ William T. Malmborg August 21, 1995

/s/ Carolyn Kentfield August 21, 1995

/s/ Joe Vizcarra August 21, 1995

/s/ Floyd F. Schneider August 21, 1995

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