Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure A

The authors of the arguments against measure A are wrong on EVERY point they attempt to make!

ALL meetings of the Charter Review Committee were open to the public.

ALL meetings of the Committee were covered by the Press.

ALL Meetings notices of the Committee were properly posted and sent to members of the public that requested notification of the committee meeting, INCLUDING THE PRINCIPAL AUTHOR OF THE ARGUMENT AGAINST MEASURE A!

These charter amendments make NO changes in the way the heads of County departments are hired or fired.

Section 607, (Charter for Parks) expired OVER 10 YEARS AGO. Keeping this language in the current charter can only create confusion.

The authors of the argument opposed to Measure A are attempting to confuse the issue of Charter reform by making what appears to be confusing and misinformed statement.

/s/ Dan Horsley August 28, 1995
Sheriff, County of San Mateo

/s/ Albert M. Teglia August 25, 1995
Councilman, City of Daly City

/s/ Michael D. Nevin August 25, 1995
Supervisor, San Mateo County

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