Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure A

General law provides for vacancies in county elective office to be filled by election or governor's appointment. "A" substitutes supervisors' appointment.

We need independent voices in county authority, not all coalesced to control of five-person power ring! Checks and balances are necessary for government as good as can be and people well served!

Publicly heard county charter revision can help. Consider:

San Mateo County's 1994 grand jury recommended in-depth analysis of transportation agencies affecting San Mateo County.

Supervisors'-controlled hierarchy of appointees operating grandiously and arrogantly from San Carlos lacks capability to develop routes, refuses clean, quiet, economical propane-powered minibus regular service, and on most routes omits service Sundays and after 5:40 p.m. This decreases Caltrain use, for which practical non-car access is of the essence.

None of San Mateo County's Caltrain-JPB lives on Caltrain's route: 2/3 is from Daly City! It's and SamTrans' "development" are dominated by Daly City councilmember-county supervisor's aide. They refuse more frequent Caltrain service due, cut bus service, and push Daly City's cars-parking-crush by Bart on others and mass north-end construction jobs politically distributed by additional $300,000,000 bonds therefor on all!

Sweep out conflicting interests' antisocial web, supervisors' SLAPP (= strategic litigation against political participation) attacks, gangism in government! How? Answer: By charter-based restructuring.

For transportation governance, capable, accountable: Elect from each of five districts a woman and a man without other governmental involvement, to a 10-member, full-time board. Dissolve SamTrans, etc. Government Code, sections 65368, 65367.

Vote NO on A!

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800 Main Street, #226
Redwood City, CA 94063

/s/ Nancy Jewell Cross August 28, 1995
Chief Executive Officer, Clean Air Transport Systems

/s/ William T. Malmborg August 28, 1995

/s/ David C. Stiles August 28, 1995

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