Argument Against Measure B

Should an office whose staff is armed and routinely involved with violent interactions with purpose to enforce the law also be the county's cool scientific investigator of cause of death?

Should a county office with statewide jurisdiction to enforce the law on fugitives and others and perhaps causing deaths in other counties also have status as coroner limited to one county? Conflicts in associations can compromise truth and justice.

Complexities in the proposed combination should be explored in public hearings due by San Mateo County Charter Article VIII, from a supervisors' appointed Charter Review Committee.


801. Charter Review.

The Board of Supervisors shall convene a Charter review committee within eight years of the last complete Charter review. The committee shall review the Charter and, after public hearings, make appropriate recommendations for amendment or revision to the Board.

The last complete charter review was in 1978 and the charter review committee appointed in 1994 has held no public hearing.

Some things are easier to get into than out of. This is one such.

Vote NO on Measure B pending outcome of public hearings due!

/s/ Nancy Jewell Cross August 21, 1995
A People's Advocate
(415) 366-9501
800 Main Street, #226
Redwood City, CA 94063

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