Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure B

The author of the argument against Measure B either does not have all the facts or is intentionally trying to mislead the voters. Check the facts and we're sure you'll agree that a Yes vote on Measure B is the best thing for San Mateo County.

Fact 1. The San Mateo County Charter Review Committee held 11 public meetings from June, 1994 to April, 1995 to consider a variety of improvements in San Mateo County Government. In addition, 35 civic groups and watchdog organizations were notified and invited to participate in these meetings.

Fact 2. Additional meetings, where the public had the opportunity to be heard, were held by the Board of Supervisors prior to placing Measure B on the ballot. And, the decision was to give County voters the final say.

Fact 3. A Yes vote on Measure B will save San Mateo County taxpayers more than $1.6 million in duplicate staff costs and more than $750,000 in unnecessary office rental over the next 10 years.

Fact 4. A Yes vote Measure B will maintain voter control over a critical Criminal Justice function.

Fact 5. State law requires any death in jail to be reported to the State Attorey General, and any suspected criminal activity would be independently investigated by the District Attorney.

Don't be misinformed by someone who doesn't know the facts. Measure B will make San Mateo County Government more cost effective, more responsive to citizens needs and will protect due process in all fatality investigations.

Vote Yes on Measure B.

/s/ James P. Fox August 25, 1995
District Attorney, County of San Mateo

/s/ Dan Horsley August 28, 1995
Sheriff, County of San Mateo

/s/ Ruben Barrales August 25, 1995
Supervisor, San Mateo County

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