Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure B

Proponents-claimed savings are not supported by charter review committee findings or "best evidence".

Other jurisdictions: state/county, provided by Elections Code, section 9160(c), preface arguments for/against measures with fiscal impact statement by controller/auditor. Supervisors here refuse.

Elections Code, section 9600 requires

"All arguments concerning measures filed . . shall be accompanied by . . form statement . . signed by each proponent . . that such argument is true and correct to the best of (his/her/their) knowledge and belief."

followed by signature and date. The person chief elections officer-county clerk-recorder initially by supervisors' appointment, now also assessor, filed B-proponents' argument without even this minimal good faith declaration signed and dated.

San Mateo County supervisors control directly by appointments to over 50 boards and commissions and indirectly by attorney liaison to county grand jury, judges, school boards, county agencies and department heads, and six independently-elected officials. Each is compromised in independence by dependence on the supervisors' attorney.

Consider, also, press/media made beholden by supervisors' gift at taxpayers' expense of their rent-free quarters in county building. As one daily newspaper reporter said, "We let the people know what the supervisors want them to know."!

Sheriff's officers are not liable for deaths and injuries to persons arrested, nor government for lying to coverup and defend.

In coroner's office we need a scientist respecting truth and evidence, independent of the sheriff; and county grand jury, people's advocate (new office) and county judges and other elected officials with independent counsel!

For sovereignty of the people, vote NO on B!

/s/ Dr. Nancy Jewell Cross August 28, 1995

A People's Advocate
(415) 366-9501
800 Main Street, #226
Redwood City, CA 94063

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