Thomas L. Constantino

Candidate for San Mateo County Community College District - Four Year Term

Age: 51

Occupation: Incumbent

Education and Qualifications: My decision to seek another term on the Community College District's Board is a result of my continued interest in education.

CSM, Canada College Redwood City, and Skyline College San Bruno have a three-fold mission: transfer, occupational, and corporate community education. Our colleges and district enjoy a reputation for fiscal integrity and quality education. Each college recently received a 6-year accreditation.

I want to continue being on a board which seeks agreement, practices tolerance, and consistently places the institution above private interests. I have voted on eight balanced budgets, in spite of difficult economic times for California, economy, and education. My relationships with fellow trustees, students, faculty, and staff have been exceptionally cordial.

The board is involved in a major Master Planning effort, evaluation of possible surplus property, and the challenges of providing quality education in an era of financial shortfalls. I am proud of distance learning at KCSM, automotive technology partnerships at Skyline, Canada's alliance with OICW, the district foundation with scholarships nearing $150,000 yearly. Please visit a college. Taxpayers can share the pride of our many success stories. Voters can also help by supporting revenue bonds for higher education.

Significant challenges remain in diversity, curriculum and high technology. I appreciate your support.

/s/ Thomas L. Constantino

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