Roger S. Goodrich

Candidate for Coastside County Water District

Age: 60

Occupation: Appointed Incumbent

Education and Qualifications: 35 years of industrial experience includes: Team building, project planning, fiscal and budget planning, sales, marketing, operations management and product development. My education includes a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering plus extensive quality improvement training.

I have lived on the coast for 20 years; originally in El Granada and Montara and for the last 16 years in Half Moon Bay. My children are enrolled in coastside public schools. I have a long-term commitment to the San Mateo coastside.

I have the time, being retired, to attend all district meetings, regular and special. I have not missed one since my appointment. Additionally, I am available to attend county and regional conferences on behalf of the district. I have attended several since my appointment. My technical training and fiscal management background assure my full understanding of the business of the Coastside County Water District.

I will continue to focus on assisting the District to continue supplying all customers an uninterrupted supply of quality water at the lowest possible price.

I am fully committed to the District's continuing effort for water conservation. I will support effrots of the District to foster water awareness training in our school system.

/s/ Roger S. Goodrich

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