Impartial Analysis of Measure H

On July 11, 1995, pursuant to Government Code section 50078.12, the Point Montara Fire Protection District adopted a resolution calling for an election for a benefit assessment for fire suppression services for each parcel within the District. A parcel is defined as any unit of land in the District which now receives a separate tax bill from the San Mateo County Assessor's Office. The benefit assessment would commence July, 1, 1996, at the rate of $177 per parcel by unit factor. For subsequent years, the total cost per unit factor will be reviewed and set by the Board during its budget process and can never exceed $250 per parcel by unit factor. A unit factor is the basis for determining the benefit assessment for various types of property from vacant lots to unimproved property with homes or other types of structures. A unit factor of 1 is assigned to a home of4000 square feet or less on 1 acre of land or less. All other unit factors are derived based upon this standard. The "Assessment Schedule" accompanying the measure shows what the assessment will be for fiscal year 1996-97 for the various sizes and types of property located within the District.

Government Code section 50078 provides that the assessment may be made for the purpose of obtaining, furnishing, operating, and maintaining fire suppression equipment or apparatus or for the purpose of paying salaries and benefits of firefighting personnel, or both, whether or not the fire suppression services are actually used by or on a parcel improvement, or property.

This assessment would be assessed until the District's Board terminates the assessment. It will be collected by the San Mateo County Tax Collector at the same time as and along with the property taxes.

A "yes" vote on this measure would allow the benefit assessment to be assessed on property located within the boundaries of the Point Montara Fire Protection District at a rate of $l77 per parcel by unit factor for fiscal year 1996- 97, and the unit factor rate to be reviewed and set annually by the Point Montara Fire Protection District Board at a maximum rate of $250 per parcel by unit factor?

A "no" vote on this measure would not allow the benefit assessment.

This measure passes if a majority of those voting on the measure vote "yes".

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