Argument in Favor of Measure H

Your community fire department may be forced to close without your help. The fire department is facing a 35% reduction in tax revenues. This amount must be replaced in order for the department to continue providing quality service to our community.

The reasons for the reduction are as follows: State Iaw has diverted a portion of your property tax earmarked for the fire department to other programs and the State has terminated all previous financial assistance. Additionally, Federal and State governments are requiring unfunded mandated training and equipment. Finally, the present benefit assessment is due to expire June 1996.

If Measure H fails, your fire department can no longer operate on a 24-hour 365-day schedule. Firehouse closures and firefighter layoffs are now being planned. Longer response times, fewer firefighters, and reductions in service, resulting in greater loss of life and property, are likely outcomes. If your local fire station is forced to close, emergency services must be provided by outside agencies, which could increase response time and costs. Your fire insurance rates may increase beyond the costs of this measure.

A "Yes" vote on Measure H means that the amount you pay for fire protection will be similar to other Coastside communities, and the high level ofservice we now enjoy will be maintained.

The Committee for Preservation of Point Montara Fire District, the Board of Commissioners, and the Point Montara Volunteer Firefighters Association ask you to join them and vote "Yes" on Measure H.

/s/ J. M. Loomis August 18, 1995
Chair, Citizens for the Preservation of the Point Montara Fire Protection District

/s/ Sharon Wilson Vance August 19, 1995
President, Point Montara Fire Protection District Board

/s/ David E. Kalman August 19, 1995
Moss Beach Property Owner

/s/ David Lewis August 18, 1995
President, Point Montara Volunteer Firefighters Assoc.

/s/ Victor Lee August 19, 1995
Moss Beach Property Owner

No arguments submitted against Measure H

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