Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure I

A vote against Measure I WILL NOT STOP new housing. If Measure I fails, court-mandated alternatives would mean more than 1,650 homes and loss of more than $50 million in public benefits. North Wavecrest is subject to Measure A, so buildout will occur slowly, during 20 years or more. Funds to improve traffic is part of the plan. WITHOUT Measure I, there WILL NOT be adequate funding to improve our roadways or our schools. In fact, Measure I will permanently preserve blufftop setbacks. Any environmental impacts must and will be mitigated as part of the project.

Last November, voters overwhelmingly selected the plan that is now Measure I. The City conducted 70 public hearings over five years and considered 16 alternatives. Independent economic experts rejected the idea of a conference center and other alternatives as infeasible.

The opponents of Measure I prevented redevelopment funding for sewer and street improvements in Arleta Park. Residents must now fund these improvements through assessments costing each property owner thousands of dollars. These opponents want to replace a good plan and fewer homes with NO PLAN and MORE homes.

Measure I does NOT raise taxes. The city will not be financially at risk. Call the California Redevelopment Association at 916/448-8760 and ask for yourself. Don't be MISLED again. Check the facts. VOTE YES ON MEASURE I.

/s/ Naomi Patridge August 25, 1995

/s/ Stan Pastorino August 25, 1995

/s/ Jerry C. Donovan August 26, 1995

/s/ Larry Patterson August 26, 1995

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