Argument in Favor of Measure I

"Let's Fulfill the Promise" Committee is a citizen's group supporting the public benefits resulting from approval of Measure I. Our mission is to maximize these benefits to Half Moon Bay residents from the North Wavecrest development

Fact: Development will occur in North Wavecrest. A settlement agreement between the City and a North Wavecrest property owner within the San Mateo Superior Court mandates the City approve a Redevelopment Plan. If it doesn't, the Court allows the landowner to process development plans for his property. This could trigger piecemeal development in North Wavecrest of more than 1,200 homes without the creation of parks and other public benefits.

Why should we approve Measure I? The Community Development Agency has established a masterplan for North Wavecrest reducing residential density, creating open space and providing desperately needed parkland for Coastside residents.

Measure I provides:

Other important facts:

Please join us in voting Yes for Measure I. It's important for our children, our schools, our parks and our community.

/s/ Michael Vreeburg August 21, 1995

/s/ Michael Serdy August 21, 1995

/s/ Sue Reyneri August 21, 1995

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