Richard (Ric) Lohman

Candidate for Midcoast Community Council - Four Year Term

Occupation: Computer Systems Director

Education and Qualifications: Years ago, my family chose to live on the Coastside because of the rare combination of natural beauty, the rich cultural heritage, and the family oriented environment. My three children have been through the local schools and my wife teaches science and math at our high school. For the last several years I have been attending the MCCC meetings and have served for the last year on its Planning and Zoning committee.

My four-point platform: (1) Protecting the Local Coastal Plan and its organized development of the Coastal Region against the constant attack by exceptions and variances. (2) Open discussions and public referendums on key issues. (3) Investigating forms of increased local government to allow us more control over our affairs. (4) Protection of our unique environment on the Coastside. I support the majority view against the bypass freeway and will continue to press Caltrans and regional politicians for a full discussion of the cost, safety, and environmental issues.

The MCCC provides a significant service to this community in being a fair and open forum for discussions of all issues. I want to serve on this Council to ensure that a fair majority consensus is reached on all issues.

/s/ Richard B. Lohman

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