Chris McComb

Candidate for Midcoast Community Council - Four Year Term

Occupation: Vice President / Operations, Community Volunteer

Education and Qualifications:

The MidCoast Community Council is an advisory body to the Board of Supervisors, and as such, its success depends upon its members' consensus-building abilities, both locally and county-wide. When our community comes together behind a clear integrated position, we are successful. My training in problem solving, group facilitation, and active listening provides me with the skills to enhance the effectiveness of public meetings, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the governing process.

As a country, we are reevaluating our expectations of our government. This process can only yield long term results if we address and answer our basic questions at the local level. Individual rights, our relationships with our neighbors, our responsibility to the future: this is the context in which we should consider our actions.

Public service is a serious responsibility, and an honor. I ask you to vote for me on November 7, and allow me to continue to serve you.

Thank you.

/s/ Chris McComb

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