John Plock

Candidate for Midcoast Community Council - Four Year Term

Occupation: Consulting Professional Civil Engineer

Education and Qualifications: I will bring to the council over 40 years experience as a national and international consulting civil engineer, a member of a bi-county regional planning commission and, a public works director responsible for providing services to a population greater than 1,500,000.

As a conservationist, I believe in the wise and balanced use of the air, water and earth resources of the planet for purposes of preservation, housing, transportation, recreation, business and any other uses required by the people. My experience has trained me to evaluate all proposals for their effect on the community and the interrelationship with existing and proposed facilities. I also believe that the effect upon taxpayers is a key component of any evaluation.

Since October of 1994, I have attended almost all of the MidCoast Community Council meetings and have participated in many subcommittee meetings. This year, with others, I raised questions about the purchase of the quarry in El Granada for recreation purposes, and saved the taxpayers over $45 per year when the Supervisors made the property available at no charge to the community.

To increase my knowledge of individual concerns about the community, I intend to continue to reach out to the residents by initiating personal discussions.

/s/ John Plock

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