Joseph M. Reid

Candidate for Coastside County Water District

Age: 52

Occupation: Financial Consultant, Board of Directors, Coastside County Water District

Education and Qualifications: As your director I am committed to represent your interest for abundant, high quality at a low price.

I understand the commitment. My past service on your board gives me the experience necessary, my college degree in biology and chemistry gives me a sound basis in the technical needs of the district, and my twenty-six years as a financial consultant gives me a clear understanding of the business of serving more than 15,000 coastside water users.

My commitment extends towards ways to conserve our precious resource, working to find new local sources, and exploring methods to re-claim and re-use our water.

Your vote is important and I ask for your support on elections day Nov. 7th., so I may continue to serve you.

/s/ Joseph M. Reid

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