George Walsh

Candidate for Montara Sanitary District - Four Year Term

I started attending the Montara Sanitary District meetings in June of 1992 on a regular basis. My presence at these meetings has helped me understand the problems facing the District.

During the past several years the District went through a difficult time because it did not have a manager and the directors had to personally provide this service. The District now has a well qualified manager, George Irving.

I would like to be an active participant in our local government and contribute my knowledge and experience to help solve problems of the Sanitary District.

The lack of water in our community is of great importance and I would like to participate in finding solutions. Having dealt with Citizen's Utilities and the P.U.C. several years ago regarding the reduction of excessive water rates, I am aware of how difficult it is to work at the local level with a national company such as Citizen's Utilities.

I feel there is a need to improve communication with all property owners in solving major sewer problems that affect the community. I support a yearly news letter and would encourage the flow of information by having Board minutes and related agenda items available at the local library.

In order to operate, the Sanitary District needs funds which are collected on the tax bills based on water consumption. My position on taxation is one of fairness. Any proposed funding must be carefully examined in order to make sure there is no waste of resources and that any tax or assessment is fair to all property owners.

I feel that my interest, knowledge, and willingness to serve make me an excellent candidate for the position of Board member for the Montara Sanitary District.

/s/ George Walsh

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